NBA 2k18 New Features Wishlist

The last NBA 2k game was the best of its kind and had a lot of new features and modes planted on it. However, there still are a few bugs and a lot of things to be added to make it as real as it gets.

NBA 2k18 ft Tim Duncan

NBA 2k18 ft Tim Duncan

Today, we talk about what the we (the gamers) want to see in NBA 2k18. Below listed are the top NBA 2k18 wishlist for 2k Games to consider. NBA 2k18 hold a lot of expectation as in the past the developers have tried to implement as many fans requested features as they can.

Previously, we were had the largest set of wishlist for NBA 2k17 as they were more than a few thousand entries. Let’s see how many we get this time. Comment your NBA 2k17 Wishlist!


  1. Building up characters

There are gamers complaining that it takes more than 300hr to build up your player in the game. Some of enjoy the buildup process and have patience for the process but a lot of NBA 2k players want the arcade game rather than this. Maybe create a different mode?

  1. Different MyCareer Mode?

The basic idea of this mode would be to play your career mode as a star. It is how everyone wants to play. But, where is the grind and effort that players in actual life do?  There is a fix for that.

Players come into the major leagues after getting better at their game. They are not all garbage when they enter. So, introducing high school games, and making them important as they will determine the player type and traits. Then move on to the major league as a pro-rookie.

  1. Improve on Face Scanner

The 3D Face scanner is simply disappointing. First, it does not scan the face properly. And even if after the hundredth time, you finally get a right scan, it does not look real in the gameplay. This should be a major fix as there are almost more than 70% who use this feature in NBA 2k.

  1. Crowds and Cheerleaders

There are people claiming that NBA 2k went downhill when it came to graphics. They speculate that the original NBA 2k on dream cast had better graphics than the NBA 2k17. It’s not realistic to hear some claps and cheers when you score the winning point in the last quarter at Oracle.  The same goes to the cheerleaders in the game. The rendering of the crowd and cheerleader should be fixed in NBA 2k18.

  1. Players body have no muscle

Players like Brandon Bass who are huge in real have skinny arms in the game. It is not just the arms, the whole body for some of the giants in the game is unproportioned. The graphics over the last years’ game have improved but there is still a long way to go.

  1. Improve Music Playlist

I know it is not a big deal; you could just turn down the music. But this should be mentioned. The music line in the last NBA was simply horrible. 2k Sports should consider ‘up and coming artists’ and be really picky for the next NBA 2k18 Music Playlist.

  1. Pause screen on multiplayer

When you are playing 2k with your friends or online. There are opponents who press pause when you have a good move to do or about to shoot. They added the feature in NBA 2k Online that does not let the opponent pause when you have the ball. However, it is still on for normal multiplayer. 2k should do something about the offline multiplayer mode.

  1. Broken Dribbling and Defense

The game is smooth but there are more than just a few bugs. You cannot do a crossover if the defender in next to you, or your ball will be stolen. The AI leave their men open just so you can double on the player with the ball. It simply does not happen in an actual basketball game.

  1. More Voices for Career

There are only a few options for voices in the game. It is annoying to sound like someone you are not. People are complaining that they sound like a black dude or a white guy, maybe 2k should fix this in some way.

  1. Fix the broken substitution

The 2k17 had amazing animation during substitution but with it came a few bugs. We all got the patch but for those who haven’t updated the game, the substation thing is broken. I don’t want my player to be instantly subbed back and play the game again. Also, the subs during timeouts don’t apply until the next whistle.

What do you want to see in NBA 2k18? Comment Below!

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