NBA 2k18 Release Date Prediction

The NBA 2k18 has already started to make a buzz in the gaming and basketball community where the fans are curious about the upcoming 2k game. There are many questions unanswered. For example, the release date, the cover star, the new features and much more.

NBA 2k18 ft Dwyane Wade

NBA 2k18 ft Dwyane Wade

Today, we will try to relieve you of at least one of the question; When is NBA 2k18 going to be released? There is no way to know the actual date of release but we could make a pretty accurate prediction. We predicted the release date of the previous NBA 2k game and we came one week short of the actual release date.

The developers, 2k Games, does certain things following a similar pattern. We will analysis the pattern and try to predict NBA 2k18 Release Date.

First of all, the release trend for previous NBA 2k games. NBA 2k14 and NBA 2k15 were released in the month of October. They haven’t released the game before the second month of October, ever. The trend came down to September since 2015 as NBA 2k16 was released on September 29 and the latest NBA 2k16 was released on September 20. That confirms that NBA 2k18 will be released in the month of September.

NBA 2k Games Demo Release Date Full Release Date
NBA 2k14 x October 1, 2013
NBA 2k15 x October 7, 2014
NBA 2k16 x September 29, 2015
NBA 2k17 September 9, 2016 , September 20, 2016
NBA 2k18 Release Date September 13, 2017 September 24, 2017


We predict NBA 2k18 Release Date will be September 24, 2017. And the release of NBA 2k17 demo or The Prelude Release Date will be September 13, 2017.

The game will be released across all the major platforms and regions at the same time. However, there might be time difference and server updates for various different regions.

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